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Total Investment: $485,000 - $859,500
Franchise Fee: $12,500
Franchised Outlets: 28
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About Fast Undercar

Fast Undercar offers two different investment opportunities. These include both start-up and conversion franchisees. Fast Undercar has a franchise fee of $12,500 for both opportunities with a total investment range of $54,800 to $859,500. Fast Undercar offers an exclusive territory and a 10-year agreement term. They disclose individual outlet Gross Sales, COGS, Gross Profit and Labor Costs. Gross sales range from $418,795 to $ 11,399,383. They have 33 locations in 2016.

Made The Grade™ Certified

Our Franchise Analysts have professional reviewed this franchise and determined it to be a great investment. As such, we've awarded it our Mtg ribbon black certification, indicating that Fast Undercar scored in the top 20%! As a Retail Parts and Accessories franchise in the Automotive sector, this franchise is at the top of its class.

Who is Fast Undercar..........?

Fast Undercar is an industry leading wholesale distributor of
automotive aftermarket parts that provides immediate delivery to
professional installers of all types. As well as eet, government, and
industrial facilities across 4 states.
Fast Undercar warehouses stock complete lines of top quality parts.
Professional installer customers receive instant price and availability
information via telephone or our web based online ordering system.
Order ll rate is consistently greater than 97%, and delivery is
IMMEDIATE via Fast Undercar vehicles.
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Ideal Fast Undercar Owner

The Automotive Aftermarket is a unique industry that allows a person to be a piece of the puzzle in one of the largest industries in the world. Our business is a work a day business where the owner must be willing to perform any of that tasks he or she would ask of their employees. Below are some of the primary qualities a Fast Undercar Franchisee would need to have in order to succeed.
  • Entrepreneur Spirit
  • Hard Work Ethic
  • Good With People
  • Leader
  • Basic Computer Knowledge
  • A Desire To Serve
  • Automotive Experience is a Plus
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A Day in the Life of our Franchisees

As a Fast Undercar Franchisee it is important that you are involved in the day to day operations of your location. Some of our most successful owners started out by answering a majority of the calls coming into the call center. There is no substituation for your customers to get to know and trust you on a day to day basis.

As the franchise owner you will never have a dull day, there is always something you can turn to, to stimulate your entrepreneurship, such as....
  • Managing Employees
  • Creating Schedules
  • Manging Inventory
  • Creating Promotions
  • Working with Customers
  • Accounting

Our Mission Statement

Built on the strength of creative and motivated
people, Fast Undercar is committed to being the
premier supplier of quality automotive products
to professional installers and providing the
highest levels of customer service .
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Congratulations! Fast Undercar is an Mtg ribbon black / Made The Grade™ Franchise! Made The Grade™ franchises are some of the healthiest and most successful franchises. Fast Undercar is one of 2,500+ franchise systems we grade and compare. It is compared to all Automotive franchises and all Retail Parts and Accessories franchises.

How much does it cost to open a Fast Undercar franchise?

Fast Undercar costs up to $859,500 to open. This includes a franchise fee of up to $12,500. You will also need additional funds, or working capital of $75,000 to have on hand when you open the franchise for costs such as advertising and staff wages.

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